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CURMUDGEON n. 1. A somewhat crusty-tempered, stubborn old man who dislikes hypocrisy and pretense. A curmudgeon may point out unpleasant facts in a humorous manner.
2. A retired or idle person inclined to pursue odd habits and annoy people, such as finding and displaying disgusting things about food.
n. The art or practice of preparing food, often used in a historical connotation.

Let's take care of a couple of things first off. I'm a "newbie" to this web stuff, still trying to get my old DOS commands to work in fabricating a web page and it probably shows. Second, us old retired farts need love and attention. This is a vanity exercise to cultivate and satisfy personal ego needs. Academics who put up five-page resumes or little old ladies who show pictures of their poodle Fifi do the same thing.

Why the humor and the oddball, possibly offensive, sharing of facts and quotes? I once worked for the feds doing training and certification of federal, state and county staff who conduct food sanitation inspections of restaurants, institutional foodservice (e.g. airline caterers) and supermarkets. Maybe these associations warped my perspective on food. 
I've many  "war stories" on unsanitary and sometimes unsafe food handling practices. I also like to read. Over the years, I've picked up an album of "off the table" cookery items. As a practicing curmudgeon, I will share some humorous anecdotes and whimsy of by-gone days. 

Many of the old stories or jokes validate the need for our high present-day food sanitation standards in the U.S.  We expect clean and safe food, and generally, get it due to the considerable efforts of industry and government quality assurance staff. For these reasons, this site is dedicated to the thousands of food safety professionals who give us confidence in our food supply. Enjoy! 

Kermit McKemie mailto:kmckemie@astound.net

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